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My crosspollination of mixed media visual art & written words pay homage to inequalities and are meant to be immediately engaging, resulting in a well-suited means to depict urgent questions.


Harvest Whores

This is a poem that has been made into a piece of mixed media art. Being as it’s a work in progress a picture of it will be available soon.

Harvest Whores

Cucumbers cum calmly


Apples arrive angrily


Bananas bare no bruises

Fence building, boarder patrolling, people suppressing

egomaniac, who determines eligibility of citizenship

Only enforcing rules and regulations

upon existing illegal non-agriculture workers

Petrified of deportation pennies are paid

Forcing them to sell their manual labor

makes them  harvest whores

Picking & plucking

breakfast, lunch, & dinner

keeps my status at

most bountiful place on earth


the How, Where, and Why’s Behind My Deep Driven Frame of Mind that Pines for the Completion of Mixed Media based Pieces of Art!


     My feverish desire to grow as an artist stems from how I engulf myself in and around every aspect of becoming a better one. The materials and words depicted within my work originate from deep within me and usually materialize instantly! Having an attitude such as “go with the flow” during the complete process is how I’m able to maintain a frustration-less outlook. Capable of allowing my art work to lead the process, means when it comes to something that doesn’t end up like I had envisioned, my all-embracing mindset allows me to see how it has added to the piece and the message within in it.

First Step



First Step

Elements of design are as follows:


consisting of zebra wood, purple heart wood, copper wire, dark annealed steel wire, gold craft wire, aluminum wire, bolts, washers, fiber optic lighting, ect.

Reason Behind the Use of Materials

Materials were used to create a composition that glorifies the female figure. Purple Heart wood together with the Zebra wood was strategically placed within the upper torso to visually enhance it. Metal being manmade combined with wood which is natural gives a visual recognition of how completely opposite objects can work together. Fiber optic lighting displaying primary colors flash throughout the female figure’s hair giving it a sense of life.


Fabrication process utilized in this work of art began with creating different perspectives of pencil drawings of a female shape.

Then after gluing the two types of wood together I cut them to a basic shape. Once I cut the glued wood I then used wood carving tools by hand to form the female shape.  Gluing several pieces of both woods, which have extraordinarily different qualities and characteristics turned out to be very challenging! Carving either across or with the grain of the wood, never against the grain was sometimes difficult due to the use of two types of wood. Purple Heart wood has fine grain allowing me to attain distinct detail, yet the Zebra wood has irregular grain making attractive wavy interlocking patterns.

With the two types of wood glued together I began a general shaping process using tools such as: a chisel and mallet, Kawasaki rotary tool, and a Dewalt hand-held power tool.


    Base is made of three geometric shapes which are circle, rectangle, and square. The legs of the base are three pieces of Purple Heart measuring 2”x2”x2” positioned on its axis and connects to two circle 1”x2”, 1”x1” and one half circle 1”x 3” shapes of Zebra wood. Next three levels of the base are also made of Zebra wood and are 1”x4”x 6” rectangle and two 1”x4”x4” square. Housed inside of the base is the fiber optic lighting system. Along with the Zebra and Purple Heart wood female figure measuring 2”x 3”x 16” twelve various sized twigs shortest being 6” tallest being 17” protrude from the base. Twigs are wrapped with fiber optic wires and are positioned on the left side of the female figure giving it a lot more visual weight. The female figure is abstract with over exaggerated breast and hip size. Positioned with her right hand up and behind her head she tilts to the left. Her left arm is against her body and her left hand ends on her mid section. Complete piece is 8”x 5”x 26”.

Sadly She isn’t finished, but rest assured She is somewhere near the top of My to do list LOL! 


This Chair was Brought to Life

for the Soul Purpose of Enhancing Another’s!

(Donated to an organization that help woman better themselves)


Artist Name: Kitty

Major: Art & Special Education

Media: Wooden Chair, Steal Wire, Plaster Paris, Acrylic Paint, Clothing, Shoes, Teddy Bear

What a great time I had bringing this chair to life! It is such an honor to me, as an artist, that my first piece of art to be sold is this chair. Having such a personal connection with my art work hinders my ability of pricing them. The title of this piece of art is Chair-ish and her new owner will become, just that, an individual who is cherished.

Thank you so much for allowing me to take part in your vision!


Un-Extended Hand


Needing   nothing more then

A   laugh-less love mea ns they

Reach   randomly yet ending

Around   areas already arrived at


vinLong awaited point of time arrives when metal to metal rapidly collide
sending vibrating permission to academically regress and sleep at will

Three very short, lazy, sunny, months excitedly awaiting for undivided attention
that always seemed to mysteriously arrive shortly after consumption of
morning, noon and evening meds was naïve-ness generated from a pre-pubic hair perspective

Realizing awareness of dissipating euphoric feelings rendered to be an uneasy act
recognizing the point of time when to what, why, and who
came easy as if genetically engineered as common sense

Saturated by animosity that seeped in when the realization came apparent
that only good memories created occurred compliments of
fake façade

Beckoning to be in an egg-less exterior environment meant
i purposely spent three long inconsequential months absolutely anywhere but

What, Can You Repeat that Please

Un-interruptions are spurts of time

created by spaces that aren’t gobbled

up with unnecessary goop


Raping & scratching at

fabricated delusions

leaves creases of your mind

permanently unfolded


Resurrecting life-less thoughts

stimulates human intuitions, which

renders to be a useless response


Repeatedly painting depictions

of non-existing episodes

ends in pointless emptiness


  Huge drops of washed up moments are swallowed

leaving only the aftertaste of Should-a Could-a Would-a



Wanting so bad not to be here 

nor paying the bill because I am


Sitting in class with my auto pilot engaged

prolongs my ability to swallow this never-ending lecture

regurgitating it on a future exam means I pass or fail


Lugging around these cumbersome books

 that are filled with endless pages of pricey paper

trying to portray as if I’ve touched each one


Regardless if I become what I bought

metal to the grind is a secured guarantee

decreasing my student loans compliments of a 9 to 5


Four year walk on a hard, long, brick road

lined with expensive wisdom and knowledge


No longer thinking thoughts once thought

and defiantly walking a different walk


With only a few bricks left to travel

irrational anxiety is ignited

forcing my feet to walk at a slower pace


Bringing me to the conclusion that my purchased product

is nothing less than a new-found, priceless, non-refundable ideology,

which calms my frantic questions of what, why, and when

with a comforting perspective of


“I am here”


Harvest Whores


Cucumbers cum calmly


Apples arrive angrily


Bananas bare no bruises


Fence building, border patrolling, people suppressing

egomaniac, who determines eligibility of citizenship


Only enforcing rules and regulations 

upon existing illegal non-agriculture workers


Petrified of deportation pennies are paid


Forcing them to sell their manual labor

makes them  harvest whores


Picking & plucking

breakfast, lunch, & dinner

keeps my status at

most bountiful place on earth


Never Not the Same



Never Not the Same 

(acrylic painting with gobs of dried acrylic paint)

The title of this piece is exactly what I was thinking when I was creating it. Three juggling figures are centered and are evenly spaced away from each other. All three figures are drawn exactly alike, but painted differently. The color scheme is mono chromatic with the first figure representing blue, second is yellow, and the last is red. I placed gobs of dried acrylic paint that are saturated primary colors through this piece giving the painting a unique visual interest. Everyone of the gobs of paint are different in size and shape adding to the meaning of Nothing Not the Same.

My reasoning for creating this piece is based on Western society’s obsession to be unique and at the same time pursuing possessions that others own. Each figure is drawn exactly the same representing conformity yet each one is painted with a different primary color that was altered with a mono chromatic color scheme adding to the attempt to be unique. Gobs of dried acrylic paint were collected from the tops of the paint containers. Each glob is shaped and sized completely different and is meant to be a direct example of the human race. Viewing this painting I feel the gobs of dried paint are more of a visual aesthetic and are what makes it interesting. It’s too bad Western society cannot see the value in true individual uniqueness!